The Jimmy Carter Presidential Parkway

In 1984 shortly after I moved to Atlanta the Georgia State Department of Transportation GDOT decided to resurrect the Road originally planned in the 1960’s and 70’s as the Stone Mountain Freeway. This freeway was stopped by then Governor Jimmy Carter due to strong public opposition. After President Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 election the GDOT tried to repackage this Road as the Jimmy Carter Presidential Parkway. The neighborhoods rallied and after several questionable actions by the GDOT and the City of Atlanta, the neighborhoods implemented a court injunction to stop the road.

During this period I documented the area and created a series of photographs that I manipulated to show my interpretation of the damage the Road would do to the neighborhoods. I received a grant from the City of Atlanta and created a model of what I wanted to do with the land. Two weeks before my show at City Hall opened the City of Atlanta came up with a compromise and a plan for Freedom Park and Freedom Parkway. I incorporated the city’s plan into my model. It is currently on display at 427 Moreland Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307.

Below are the photographs I created for my 1991 grant.

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