Art in Freedom Park

Tunnel of Transformation I by Charlie Smith

Art in Freedom Park is an initiative to establish the vast expanse of Freedom Park as a world-class gallery of temporary and permanent outdoor artwork that remains free and open to Atlanta residents and its many visitors.

Freedom Park was selected as the site for the initiative as it is centrally located in metro Atlanta not only to the Central Business District of downtown with its hub of business, government, universities, and tourist attractions, but it is surrounded by many diverse, historic in-town residential neighborhoods who have been included in the strategic planning and have expressed their support for this initiative. The 210 acres of Freedom Park has the necessary greenspace to accommodate the exhibition’s need for a variance of sites and vistas to showcase the individual sculptures and installations.

Looking forward… It is the intention of the Art in Freedom Park initiative that Freedom Park will become a jewel in Atlanta’s current cultural renaissance alongside her expanded High Museum, new aquarium, new symphony hall and historical treasures; Atlanta will finally join her sister cities as a major destination of art and culture.

Maypole May Day Celebration

The mission adopted by the Art in Freedom Park Task Force is: To explore Freedom Park with a diversity of temporary and permanent public art for the citizens of and visitors to Atlanta.

The event was supposed to be repeated in 2006, but because of funding issues the event was canceled, but with hope it will return again.

Here is a tease of what I propose to create Art in Freedom Park 2005

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